Skeleton Replacement Programme

Hi all, and welcome to another of those rare developer updates where I talk shop. But first, for those that are not versed in coding, a simple introduction to what[…..]

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Post-gathering, round goes on

Week 42 is over. This week saw the income of new bugs slow down to a trickle and their vehemence much reduced, and the beginning of work on the SRP.[…..]

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Slow and steady

Week 41 is over. Every first week of a new Dominance round is fun – tons of bugs crop up, tons of feature requests, from UI kinks over new and[…..]

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Weak shall fall before the strong.
There is only one Dominance.
There is only one Throne.
And I shall have them both!

About Dominance

Dominance: The Throne of Elders is the first Croatian MMO, developed (with major gaps) 1999-today.

In Dominance, players control Elders – powerful and immortal wizards, and vie for omnipresence; power, magical ability, territory and worship. Drafting large armies, morphing soldiers into monsters, influencing populations, crafting unique artifacts and casting collaborative spells that decimate landscapes are all common activities for Elders.

In the world of Dominance, empires rise and fall, Elders are glorified and ruined, artifacts are forged and destroyed but one constant remains – the struggle for omnipresence. The source of mana that fuels everything Elders do, omnipresence is the cornerstone of the world which itself is a ruin forged by collapse of four planes of existence.

Dominance History

Dominance: The Throne of Elders is currently in gamma state (odd state both after and before a beta), with Gamma 2 running right now, and Gamma 3 being scheduled for November.

About Us

Entity.Zephyr is an indie Croatian game developer (among some other things), determined to restore the glorious days of Dominance Past, heavily rose-tinted through lens of nostalgia, but also reinforced by decades of active development experience.

While all work is done voluntary, the truth is that boredom can be a powerful motivator.

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Let the Lava flow.


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