Biomes revisited

Week 36 is over. This was a short week with but a few items fixed. While we’re waiting for the remainder of new sett images to arrive the development is slowly winding down, as nothing of concequence remains to be fixed except occasional bug or safety-related feature.

In essence – once I have all sett images the new round will commence.


I’ve redrawn the biome placeholders. It’s extremely difficult to differentiate between 5-6 types of forest within a 50×50 pixel hex, so there’s always plenty of room for improvement. However, for now this is workable.

I’ll have to have a little chat with the biome generator about increasing the biome scatter. Currently huge swaths of land fall under a single biome type, which is not something I particularly prefer or like.


A small tweak to the settlement info form – now it shows up the exact settlement selected:

… down to the racial cosmetics. It is my hope that once I have other map assets redrawn (avatars, caravans, all of it) every info form will display its own exact image instead of generic background.

Tick Errors

Last round had no error protection – every single crash would quite permanently crash the responsible thread – and on tick crashes command thread would die. This was quite deliberate as I wanted to minimize any chance of data corruption. Nowadays we’re much more stable and can afford to at least not crash the server so players can’t log in. Thus:

Tick crashes now alert all players of the issue, store all relevant debug info to the database/logs and no longer crash the command thread. Info threads are not beneficiaries of these protections but they are dime a dozen and a crash-level bug in an info thread is indicative of some serious issue that needs to get fixed asap anyway.

Anyway we’re at an end of today’s shorter than usual Monolith Monday. Be advised that until new round starts MMs will be shorter now that development is almost done. We’re in stand-by mode for the new round, fingers crossed it starts soon!