Building Unit Designer

Week 53 is over. This was a short week as I had a lot of work on my plate. However the Unit Designer is beginning to appear and I can give you a glimpse of what it will look like.

Unit Designer

Best to start with the screenshot.

As always, please ignore broken CSS and misaligned buttons. Here we have a view of the designer – the left panel lists your current templates. Ish`KuErolar La is, as the name suggests:

  • Ish – Mindbender Ability
  • Ku – Tier 4 unit with some upgrade applied – deliberately vague.
  • Erol – Atre name
  • ar – Melee Attack Type
  • La – Ambudher Ability

Unit names are always generated as prefix + midfix + plane name + fix + sufix. The midfix is optional and it suggests internal upgrades such as attack or speed. I’m toying with the idea of dumping it entirely and simply using color-coding to indicate unit levels, however this approach is not very accessible to color-blind folks out there. We’ll see.

On the right is an example of building a Tier 5 unit, the SiWuder Ums. The designer is still very rough on the edges but the general idea is to select a base plane, then add some abilities, upgrades or attack type changes, and have the result generated on the bottom. As you can see, I’ve added both Ambusher and Awareness – an illegal combination as the Sanity Checker And Bullshit Preventer is not completed yet.

Afterwards, one should be able to click the Atre buttons and have the same unit rebuilt from another base species, assuming they have the same tier levels unlocked, and haven’t picked plane-locked abilities such as mindbending or terror. Even with those, the designer is supposed to allow base changes but scream at apparent errors in the design.

For example, if one picks Erol and then adds “Melee” attack, then swaps to Wud base, the Melee attack line should scream in red how it’s inappropriate and until the error is resolved the template will not be applicable.

One final note – one will probably be able to design as many templates as they like. However, deleting those templates will only be possible if they have no units of that type. So, our Ish`KuErolar La are a deletable template as the unit quantity is zero. Once we upgrade some Eroleks into those, it stops being deletable until all such units are upgraded, dead or disbanded.

That’s all for this week. Ahead is finishing the unit designer and then the humongous task to changing every form that touches units – from transfer window, over all unit displays etc. Altering battle procedures will be the last part to do.