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Open for character creation!

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Server is live and players are joining the game! Come, enter and create your elder!



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V3 complete, looking for beta testers!

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Welcome Elders! It is good to see you again. I’m excited and thrilled to be able to run Dominance again. I hope you will give Dom a try and stay a while. So, let’s get you started:

STEP 1: Register on the forums.

You will use that username/password to log into the game.

STEP 2: This is a beta gamma. Read the standing bug bounty.

Earn mana as you find bugs and crash the server. The more you find, the bigger the rewards!


Remember the good ol’ days when … Don’t. Those days are back, and they start on


Server will open for all players. First tick will occur on Sunday, 19th at noon, CET.

And now onto recent events. Dominance V3 development – at least its first phase –  is complete. A recap of the past five months is as follows:

Game Status

Since ...

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Feature Complete! And a Happy New Year!

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Dominance V3 is now feature complete. All the gameplay mechanisms are in place, all the functionalities work as advertised and barring an occasional bug or dozen, the game is alpha-testable. In the nick of time as well, as in a few hours we are entering 2017, during which we’ll work to polish the client to a presentable state and start open beta testing once more. Beta 7 is beckoning.

In the meantime, I wish you all a Happy New Year, by once again displaying the mutilated picture Entity.(Syrus) made for Dominance once upon a time. See you soon!

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Features change since V2beta6 (part 1)

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I just wanted to get this off my chest. Some of the features introduced in last three betas, and planned for DoA beta 7 were good. I’m keeping and expanding these:

  • Avatars in battle – they now join their troops and add flavor. Only extremely high-powered avatars are actually disruptive to combat.
  • New combat system in general (mindbenders were utterly broken) – now we pump defense, and treat defense as hit points.
  • Changes to units (remember the time when Un’Haadar Kas, the elitest of the elite, were the worst unit in the game?) – There is more diversity now and every high level unit can be reached from three different base units.
  • New spells – stuff like Great Escape, short-duration combat spells, even oddballs like Warp Chaos Gate brought dynamics in play the game never featured before...
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In 2002 the v1 ended at Beta 5. No further development was expected.

In 2007 a small group took over and attempted to keep the game alive. Over betas 5 3/4, 5 7/8 and 6 they looked for funding and means to further develop V2. They reluctantly gave up in 2009.

It is almost 2017 now. It is time for V3.

Over the following months and possibly years you will be able to follow the development of Dominance: The Throne of Elders from (basically) scratch. Daily logs will be published on changelist, this page will be whipped into something presentable, and the server written from scratch. Our goal is to create a client that will be browser-based, as well as support user-made clients through a public API so that both stand-alone and browser-backed apps can equally be used.

The game itself will receiv...

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