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Movement is now movement

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Back in the V3 (first post), I announced there will be changes to how map works. In Map and vision, a month later, I demoed the first prototype of a new topography-driven Dominance map. Finally, today, we have the map taking affect on how the movement works and vision is calculated.

Obligatory history lesson

V1/2 had no map, we all know this. They had objects, objects had coordinates, and that’s about all that existed – relationships between objects were measured in distances, and if distances were smaller or larger than an arbitrary value, an action would occur. The load of calculating distances, that was done in the database itself, was enormous, and further arbitrary measures had to be taken, such as the Green circle (for the unlucky few that remember it), were used to limit the amount ...

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Combat logs

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I’ve been working last week on creating a combat mechanism that combined good sides of the original V2b6 combat alongside with the proposed V2b7 java DCS changes (from 2008). We now have a working prototype that handles all unit actions and gives an example what a 1-vs-2 combat looks like.

In this scenario Noble Jozo is beset by 2 avatars belonging to Noble Pero, each carrying a sizable army.

Noble Jozo has all his army on throne, with both his avatars also on the throne hex, though without any units. As a result Jozo’s battle stats are a sum of throne + avatar stats, and all the units and avatars (and Jozo himself) are merged into one supergroup.

Pero’s avatars are 2 hexes apart and for that reason cannot be combined into a supergroup nor combine their respective stats, and thus act as tw...

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Work has started on crafting the dominance database. If you followed the updates so far then you already know the database was responsible for virtually everything that happened on tick, and was the sole bottleneck in incarnations past. Nowadays databases perform their functions much more efficiently, and the hardware is much faster so while the database itself is no longer a pressing concern, some questions do show up.

First question (and the only one I’ll cover today) was which database to use. Only real contenders were MySQL (MariaDB to be precise) or PostgreSQL, but as both have their benefits and flaws choice is far from simple. MySQL has simplicity on its side, and it already served well in the past...

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import dominance

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Yesterday I had a chat with entity.(3) to the effect of:

– “I want to write in C because I desire a small core that’s preferably compilable in something like GCC, fast and simple to handle”.
– “You are an idiot. See you in 2018 while you’re still fixing comm driver bugs.”

He’s right, of course. One of the phrases he used was “worst possible tool for the job”.

I was still unconvinced but decided to take his advice and at least try some other, any other language and see if anything changes.

Two hours later I realized he was completely right, I was an idiot, and if I want to get this project anywhere near completion in the foreseeable future, I better get my head out of my ass and enter 21st century.
Thus, import dominance, we already have a working daemon (that obviously doesn’t do very much...

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