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Ready for Dominance?

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Step 1 – Setting up Elder name:

Your Elder name is your display name from Dominance forums – once your Elder is created the name is set in stone (or at least until you get Banished and have to recreate, but let’s hope it won’t get to that). If you feel the itch to change your Elder name, do so now, before you create your Elder.

Step 2 – Create your Elder:

Open up the client and create your Elder! Server will be live tomorrow – Wednesday the 15th, at a relatively early though not entirely specified time.


Step 3 – Play the game:

First tick will tock on Sunday, 19th of February, at noon (CET). Gamma 1, baring disasters and floods, will last for the full 6 weeks we’ve all used to and love to suffer through...

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Mappifying Dominance

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The idea of a 3D map for Dominance is not a new one. In fact, work was done in 2009 to create a 3D map generator for Dominance that resulted in entity(Ther)’s master’s thesis¬† “Optimization of SQL procedures for accomplishing complex functions in real time” which is just a fancy name for “Reducing the bloody Dominance lag and calculating vision on a 3D map“. Naturally, entity(Huitz) had something to contribute, notably an application for generating height maps from the 3D map database as well as a crucial piece of code called ARCTANHUITZ that defines how soft the transitions between Vornoi diagrams must be.

For example, a generated height map could be represented into terrain like this:


Note that this particular height map is some 1024 pixels long, and we will map those pixels to hexes a...

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JQuery attacks!

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If there is something I never did, it was front end.

Oh sure, I have some knowledge of HTML (up to and including HTML4) and CSS (assuming CSS1)  but that is where I drew the line and never bothered to learn JS. The decision was perfectly fine, as it never came up so far. Having 15 years of frontend to catch up in not a small task, and certainly not something I would normally enjoy.

My fears have been somewhat abated once I was forced to dig into the client and create a presentation layer.

– “Google! Show me wonders!”
– “It’s 2016 and you still haven’t heard of JQuery?”
– “Uh, ok, .. JQuery! Show me wonders!”
– “Talk to my UI cousin.”
– “Um. JQuery-UI! Show me..”
– “Oh shut up already:”


– “Wow, that was surprisingly painless, JQuery-UI.”
– “Meh.”

I can only say I had dreaded this part of ...

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Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh My!

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Last few days have been more than interesting. Entity.(2) complained and whined about being unable to use eyes while registering on the forum, which is naturally absurd and such behavior should be discouraged. Who cares what the input form’s background color is, after all these years he should have memorized all SMF’s functions by heart, eyes be damned. However, realizing the website indeed looked like dreck, I’ve had decided to refocus work onto terms I’m usually unfamiliar with, such as “aesthetics” and “form over function“.

So, from sysadmin to C work, and then across PHP to CSS, I have this feeling that I’ve barely scratched all the different technologies that will be required. And I can’t say I’m proficient in most of them, far from it. If this were some sort of a “personal” … “blog” ...

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