Chattifying Redux

Week 50 is over. As promised last week, week 50 was dedicated to redefining the chat system and, well, rewriting it entirely. Much was achieved, much is still required.

Channels! It’s people!

Or vice versa? People are channels? As long as it works and is dead simple to use – I’m fine with either.

So, what we have now is this:

As always – all graphics, buttons and colors  are subject to change. But it gets the point across.

Two main channels – #PUBLIC and #EMPIRE are always enabled and present. when you click either, or any other (not depicted) private channel, the list if players below (white/gray) changes, and you can always see all the players subscribed to a particular channel.

Everyone (save for poor Ezul`s Bane) is always subscribed to #PUBLIC. #EMPIRE membership changes, as before, based on your current political status. Finally, private #channels – which you can have as many as you please – are designed to hold 3+ people, though they will work fine with just the creator and one other person. For example:

Here we have a private channel containing our stalwart elders test1, test2 and test4. Test3, from the previous screenshot, was not invited, and will not see this channel anywhere. Test4 and test1 are online, while test2 is offline and appears as gray, on the bottom of the member list.

We also have direct channels:

Whenever you click on a person’s name, either from the #PUBLIC list of all elders or within any other channel – you can open up 1-on-1 direct channel to that person.

Wrap it for me please.

TLDR; You can have as many direct channels open as there are players, and unlimited number of private channels containing whomever you invited or wherever you were invited.

Standard controls such as /ignore work as expected – if you ignore a player they will not be able to send anything yo you, on any channel, so no worries about getting spammed. /silence (though rarely if ever used) is also global and will prevent a person from chatting anywhere.

The + and – signs next to channel and person names are temporary, of course, but they indicate #channel or @person. There is a chance those will be able to be used directly from chat (at least for pinging @people), but this is low priority atm.

What’s next? The channel control buttons. As of this writing they are still inoperable, and I’m building forms to create private channels, invite people into them and to join or leave said channels. This is much alike dealing with spell invitations, and should not be any trouble. After that, who knows, maybe I’ll finally be able to swap to combat units revamp.

That’s all for this week, thanx for following Dominance development!