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General Questions

What kind of game is this?

Dominance is an massively multiplayer online turn-based fantasy strategy game. A MMORPG if you will. Check out the game basics.

What is Dominance?

Dominance is a game of tactics, diplomacy, and patience. It is the ultimate test of your resolution. The BoE (Book of Ezul) would say: “Dominance is massive multiplayer online game with persistent universe”. It’s far more than that actually. Skills of controlling people in the game, making them do your bidding without them even realizing it, skills of innovative thinking, and surprising the enemy, all of that can be applied to the real life. And to many people Dominance is more than a game.

How many people are actually playing this game? How much time do I have to invest in it?

We had rounds where about 500 players participated. About 350 of them were active. Active means they log in once or a couple of times a day, and make their moves. The veteran players will be logged for a considerable number of hours a day, although they seem to be doing nothing, simply to control the situation themselves. To many people the score at the end of the round means very much, as it should, as they invest many many hours in the game and really do their best to outwit and outdo the opponent. The longer you are online the better for you. The game will wait for no man.

When will this game be released? Is there a beta test?

We expect Dominance to be fully released sometime in 2004 2017. We’re… not in a rush. In the mean time, free and fully playable beta phases take place. Watch out for new beta rounds at Court Events.

How long does a game round last?

V1b2 lasted 3 months. Since then, game rounds last 6 weeks. We are tuning the game length.

Do I have to download the game and if so how big is it?

Naah, we’re no longer using a game client. You log in via the online browser client here: client.dominance-online.com.

Is multi-accounting possible?

It is not allowed and will result in deleted accounts if found. For a free game multiplaying ruins the balance and is thus prohibited.

What are the minimal requirements for Dominance?

Pentium with 32 MB RAM and an Internet connection? Just have a modern web browser that supports web-sockets and you’ll be fine.

Can I play behind a firewall?

As long as you can visit this page, you can play the game. All the traffic is done via ports 80 and 443 where regular web pages are served, so…

Beginning the Game

Ok, I am creating an elder. It asks me something about planes and points.

Choosing the exact number of points to each magical plane game can prove to be one of the vital factors in winning the game. Or losing for that matter. If you put only 1 point in a certain plane it will take ages to research its spells and that is the last thing you want.
No matter what you intend to do in the game remember that all the planes are equally vital. Since there are only 11 points to be awarded to planes, you will have to distribute them wisely. A starting suggestion is 2 points in the Haad plane, with the rest equally spread. For emperors, a suggestion is to specialize in Erol and then be the one improving your Dominion’s settlements.

What’s a tuna?

It’s a type of fish. Many spells have abbr. that are commonly used, and tuna is no different.

It asks me about my primary and secondary plane?

The avatars have to be of one of the four planes each as well. Their background dictates their innate abilities. You can check in the Military section, which avatars get what starting skills.

Each player starts with 6 settlements, 1 of each race, and the two that are left are of those planes that you have chosen to be your primary and secondary ones.

It asks me if I want to join or do I have a join key. What’s that?

When you enter a join key, you will enter the game as near as possible to the player whose key you used. New players should join at random, without the key and then tell all their friends to join with the join key so they could begin the game together. A couple of elders united will easily overthrow any opposition from single players that haven’t joined anyone. However the veteran players will wait for their emperor to join in first (although this is sometimes not a smart move, will discuss it later) and then wait for him to send them his join key. Once in a cluster they will have no problems eliminating any opposition nearby.

I have entered the game somewhere! What do I do now?

If you join inside an already formed empire, and are surrounded by them, you do not have any real choice. It is in your best interest to join them and help them as you will be in a good position for them to defend you. If you decide to go alone against all of them you will quickly find yourself without any omnipresence, mana and without the ability to do anything. And that is most certainly the wrong approach to the game. If you find yourself a good warrior or a diplomat, you will quickly strive through the already created empire and find yourself near the top. Remember to use the empire to your goals. They are here to help you and will generally be a great asset, even to the new players.

You mentioned ticks?

The game turns are named “ticks”. They last for 30 minutes. All you do inside a tick will be executed by the end of the tick. If you set your avatar to go somewhere and then change your mind and set it to go somewhere else, if all is done inside a tick, once the tick counter drops to 0, only the latest order will be executed. 30 minutes is long enough to do anything in this game. For instance, set your avatar to go to a settlement and influence it. It will take 3 ticks for him to get there, and some more ticks to finish the job. Log off, go out, get a coffee, and later come back to give it new orders.

Ding Ding Ding?

You will learn to appreciate that sound very much. It rings at 6 minutes to the tick and on the tick.

Ok, that makes sense, but what do I do now?

The first thing a new player has to do is to defeat the Ezul’s Bane that has placed a monolith with 500 troops near the player’s throne. You will have 100 ticks to do so. It can be done in 80 ticks without any rush. Simply send your avatars to the nearby settlements, influence them to 100%, and save your mana. Once you do so, after about 70 ticks you will have enough mana and draft pools to kill the Ezul’s Bane. Raise 500 troops, (even 470 can be enough, depending on type), and aim for the monolith. Remember to set the Ezul’s Bane as friend when you go influencing settlements, and back to enemy when you go to attack it. You do this in the Politics bar. This way you won’t attack it accidentally. Ezul’s Bane has you set as enemy but it’s Radius of Patrol is only 1 hex wide so it won’t attack you by default (unless you go near it directly).

I went there with 470 people and lost! You liar!

Heh. What I forgot to tell you is that among those 500 troops area decent number of Un’Haadars, which terrorize your troops. but if you indeed have gone there with 470 people then you have killed about 170, while he killed only 100 or so. Just attack it again and you’ll win.

I won!

Join an empire! Research spells! Go to war! Above all, enjoy yourself.


What are “Dozaya” and “Neaya”? And Emperor?

Dozaya and Neaya are unabbreviated words for Doya and Neya. Emperor is a player with Neayas, but without a Dozaya.

From BoE: “In the game your primary goal will be to become more powerful. In Dominance there is one very clear measure of power – Omnipresence. The greater your Omnipresence, the more powerful you are. The most important way of increasing your Omnipresence is to persuade others to become your subordinates. Why so? In Dominance players can be hierarchically organized meaning that a certain player can be “above” other player. We call the player being “above” Dozaya of the player “below”. Player “below” is Neaya of player above accordingly. One third (33%) of Neaya’s Omnipresence is added to his Dozayas Omnipresence. This rule does NOT reduce Neaya’s Omnipresence in any way. This simply means that players “above” profit directly from the players “below” without reducing their power. This points out that hierarchical organizations in Dominance are very important, because they are the single most important source of Elder power. Such organization can grow to any depth, so Neayas can still be Dozaya for players “below” them and so on. Becoming someone’s Neaya requires either that you offer someone to be your Dozaya or for someone to force you into being his Neaya by occupying your throne for certain period of time. Every player can have up to three Neayas and only one Dozaya. Breaking the relationship between two players can be done either by Dozayas request (breaking is immediate) or by a special spell cast by Neaya, or some other player. After you become someone’s Neaya, your Dozaya Bond period starts. Dozaya Bond is a period during which you cannot change Dozayas (except by being subdued). This period lasts 80 ticks.”

I don’t want to have a Dozaya! I want to be an Emperor!

That’s the spirit! However, only 10 or so, out of hundreds of other players will be Emperors. The Emperors are usually veteran players that know the game mechanics well, and can make you profit greatly by joining them. Every emperor will strive to have the biggest dominion in the game, and thus, the biggest omnipresence possible. They Want You as their empire members. If you can’t choose, pick the nearest one you can, or the one with the biggest empire. You will most probably end at the bottom of the chain, but that matters little. If you show to be a promising player you will soon get your own Neayas and will probably go up the ladder at the expense of not so active players. Join them willingly, look at what they are doing, and try to help them the best you can. You will learn much from the Emperors so until you understand the game well, do what they tell you. It is in their interest to get their tree well balanced so you will get some Neayas quickly, if you behave.

One player can not stand against an empire alone.

I have a title – it’s a Noble. What other titles are there?

Noble, Master, Ruler, Colossus, Daar, Imdi Daar, Ghan, Rutor Ghan, Nghat, Nahaz Nghat, Inhep, Dominator.
To get to the next title, you have to be a Dozaya to a person who already has that title, or to have 2 Neayas with one title lower. For example, if you want to be a Ruler, you must have two Masters or one Ruler below you.

But I don’t want to be a Ruler, I want to be a Dominator!

So far in the game rounds a rank beyond Imdi Daar was practically impossible to get. To become a Dominator you would have to have thousands elders below you. This is not particularly likely (though nothing would make me happier so see that accomplished), and face it without regrets. To my knowledge no one has ever reached even Ghan yet, which needs only 127 people in the tree. That is because the trees are almost always imbalanced.

Note that the title will mean something only when you are an Emperor.

So what does the title really mean?

As I said, it’s valuable only to the Emperor. If the Emperor is a Noble, title means nothing, everyone is a Noble in this game. But if he’s a Master, he will get a 20% bonus to his Omnipresence. As a Ruler he’ll get 40%, a Colossus 60% and so on. The Empire should strive to organize themselves so that the Emperor reaches the highest rank possible. This way he will score high in the top lists, and will gain mana bonuses from the excess omnipresence, which he will (should?) share to his empire.

Tell me about Diplomacy in the game.

It’s no different than real life, imagine you are playing a head of state, or a warlord. You will learn how the diplomacy works once you join an empire and see what’s happening in it. All you should know is that it’s really important, as going into war with several other empires is not a terribly bright thing to do, even if your empire is more powerful than them. Wars are very mana dependent, and once the empire runs out of mana, well, good luck. Keep in mind that while two Empires are at war, the third one benefits, for it’s members can raise their armies without being oppressed by mana wars or anything of the like.

Talk to people. Not only your own empire but enemies as well, whenever possible. You can be as deceitful as you wish, but never burn bridges if you can avoid it. You never know when opportunities to swap empires will occur, and the goal of the game is to win, after all.

What’s going on in the game?

It often pays to be listening at what is going on at the public channel, even if you are doing something else in the background. Many elders will brag with the sizes of their armies and will taunt their enemy. This can save you mana needed for information gathering spells, and will put you in the midst of the current events if you are smart enough to take advantage of this information.

Should I put someone as friend or enemy?

The main benefit of the friends list is the shared vision. For two players to swap charts, they need to be on mutual good relations. You want to utilize the enemy list to make sure people in your own empire – whom you do not trust because they have been recently conquered and similar – do not get access to your vision.

An enemy has subdued me! I will now subdue him!

No. One cannot subdue his Dozaya, so putting him as enemy and battling on his throne does not serve much purpose. To subdue him you first have to roam free yourself. Also, it is impossible to subdue anyone in the direct path above you, (your Dozaya’s Dozaya and etc all the way to your Emperor). Roam free first, and then wreak havoc, if needed.

Alternatively, Banish them.


What do I do with all this mana?

Whatever you wish. Just spend it, before someone throws a Planar Fissure at you.

Hey, someone’s selling artifacts in the public channel. Should I buy them?

Buying artifacts is a rare practice. A powerful elder might want to sell some artifacts that he won through combat, but generally it’s a better idea to give them for free to his Neayas or other empire members that need them. That will make your Neayas happy and more willing to follow you, as they will consider such acts as a reward for their hard work. If you want them to help you later with extreme amounts of mana when you are raising your ultimate army, you will have to be known to them as a generous Dozaya.

Also, never cheat when buying or selling artifacts, since it will discredit you far more than it’s worth.

I see I have four different types of settlement inhabitants. Does that mean much?

They are all the same when counted into your Omnipresence. Differences between the settlements come into focus once you draft units from them because only some units can morph into others. A Menar Um cannot become a Wudin, but Wudars and Erokels can. Check the military section of BoE for more information.

So, it’s important to have many settlements?

Not only many, but large ones. One fully populated town is worth three+ hamlets when counted into Omnipresence, and is much easier to defend, as spells would have to be much more powerful to harm it.
A hamlet has a limit of 4k population, a village 8k, a town 15k, and a metropolis 25k. What is important here is the speed at which their draft pools are filled. If you have a settlement with 2500 people in it, you will gain 2 soldiers in the draft pool per tick. If it has 8200 people, you will get 8 soldiers. But if it’s a full town, you’ll get 15 per tick. So, the pools will rise much faster if you don’t draft all the time, but leave them be for a while.

Ah, so I have to have full settlements at all times?

Never allow your settlements to reach full value. For example, always try to have a village between 7200 and 7600, since all the people that would generate in a full village are practically lost. The difference between 7 men per tick and 8 men per tick is not a really big one. While doing this – drafting little amounts of villagers, you will be constantly increasing your army and in no time you will have enough power to deal with some empire problems yourself.

Ok, I’ll wait a bit, but how long will it take?

You always gain 1 peasant per tick in a settlement, by default. The formula for gaining populace is: 1 + (draft pool additions per tick) + Prosperity vehemence + Uthopey vehemence – Totem of Death vehemence. Meaning a village with 6500 people, Prosperity 3, a monolith with Uthopey 4, and a Totem of Death 2 will gain 1+6+3+4-2=12 people per tick.

So how do I upgrade my settlements and steal others?

At the beginning you will start with hamlets. Later your Dozaya or someone powerful enough will help you cast “Build Village” spell on them. Casting “Declare Town” will be most probably done by the emperor himself, as it’s quite difficult to cast it on your own. Metropolis’ are practically never used and are for show off only.

Be careful when Declaring Town on any village that is not one of your 6 starting settlements, since it will be harder for you to protect it from the enemy. Stealing the enemy settlements will increase the experience of your avatars, so it’s not wise to cast too powerful “Voice of God” on enemy settlements. If you can, always use your avatars to do the job – they always need the practice.

What does the influence really mean?

It means weather you control the settlement or not. When you get an enemy settlement to 70% of your influence, it’ll become yours. If the enemy starts taking it back, you will lose control over it when your influence falls below 60%.
While trying to defeat your enemy, remember that their settlements have a draft pool, same as yours. That draft pool will be gone if you manage to bring his influence in a settlement below 60%. This is a good thing to do, since even if you cannot claim that settlement, they will have to spend time influencing it back again, and will be unable to draft anything from it for a while.

Can I cast Declare Town onto my Hamlet and thus skip the Village?

No. you will lose 10k mana in trying to do that. Also it’s impossible to cast Build Village onto an existing Town.


I want to raise the best army there is!

There are rules and rules in creating an army. But always remember that you will win a battle if you go against an enemy that is half your size. Going against someone who is your equal, or is larger, will result most likely in defeat, or in the best case a Phyrric victory.

Never go into the battle unprepared. If you go against a specific target, it would be wise to create a specially designed army to defeat the enemy.
No army is invincible. What you do with it can make it undefeated though. Save your troops. Run from larger enemy, and hunt the small and slow ones. Try to avoid as much damage as possible, as you will regret it later if you don’t. Endurance is the key to continuing success.

So, how do I create an army that will be undefeated?

Size, distribution, draft pools, it all comes into play. Use artifacts to boost offense, defense and leadership. Use awareness troops as shields against assassins. Never run out of melee units or you’ll lose ranged support. Use burrowers as the army backbone due to their high defense and solid morale. Never overdo on assassins as they withdraw after the first round. Watch the combat logs of friends and enemies and see what works and what doesn’t.

I noticed that some troops appear on my throne every tick, but I didn’t draft them. How come?

Yes, each tick you will get 2 units of each of the planes you took as your primary and secondary. So – if you have a Wud and a Men avatar, you will receive 1 Wudar and 1 Menar Um each tick.

I gained a level! What should I do with the points?

Burn them immediately! Take into consideration what artifacts are at your disposal and supplement them or use the points to fill in the gaps. If you have been focused on stealing settlements, more charisma is always good. Doing battle often? Defense and offense are natural choices. It’s your avatar after all, you know best what it needs more of.

Also keep in mind that overdoing perception is generally a waste since you don’t have Lava Storms falling on your avatar’s head every tick, now, do you? You do? Why?

100 perception is not 100% spell protection? How much is it worth then?

50 perception is 50% protection, 100 perception is closer to 66%, 500 perception is something like 91%. You get the point. There is no such thing as 100% protection.

I want to have the most powerful avatar in the game!

Win often and will well! Always try to get to level 20, to be able to wear 4 artifacts. However, this is very hard to achieve if you’re not a good fighter and bold enough to go into big battles. Very few players made it to level 23, and beyond that is Terra incognita.

I started with a XXX and XXX avatars. Which should be used for what?

There is no such thing as a “charisma avatar” or a “war avatar” any more. You can use them together or separate, ride them both into battle as twins (where both participate but share XP gained) or build them separately. Your call.

I want to go and kill an enemy but I can’t see a bloody thing there!

Casting Voice of God, vehemence 1, on a great number of settlements is an useful practice, as it will give you a clue of how things look like, and you will be able to prevent enemy surprise attacks. Also, you will be able to cast nasty spells on the enemy. Sense of Patterns reveals ground, so that’s a nice choice too. Cast monoliths to expand vision. Stroll about with an avatar and spend a tick at every settlement you see.

Should I cast spells onto an enemy and annihilate him that way?

Depends on whether you can be bothered to go chase after them or not. All units killed by spells are lost potential exp. And also, if you annihilate an avatar that is carrying an artifact, he will lose that artifact, and it will be gone forever. Rather try to take it yourself.

My stats are low! What do I do to boost them?

Determination is your friend. Always have it on your avatars. Determination 3-5 does not cost much and will give you a significant boost.


Where does mana come from?

From your omnipresence. The amount of mana you gain per tick equals square root of your omnipresence. Your throne produces 10 additional mana per tick.

How does the research work?

If the omnipresence requirement for a spell is 30k, and you have 40k, and furthermore it’s a Wud spell for example, and you have 3 points in Wud, then by each tick you will receive 6 extra points in that spell – 3 from your research slot, and 3 form automatic research done on spells beneath your omnipresence level.

If your omnipresence however is not 40k but 25k, then you will receive only 3 points in it per tick (no automatic research), and you will have to pay for the focused research. The cost will be: 30000-25000, then square root of the result, and divide by your points in that plane (3 in this case), and it ends up you’ll have to pay 24 mana per tick.

And what happens if I don’t have enough points in a plane to cast a spell?

Empire, empire, empire. Invite them all. Send mana their way that they will spend assisting you and practically everyone will help you out.

What happens if I don’t have the mana to assist someone?

You scrape the barrel. If you’re assisting 250 mana per tick, and you have 0 in pool, and earn only 150, then you’ll give 150 mana to them.

And if I assist a 500 mana spell with a 700 mana per tick? Will it be lost?

No, you will give what is needed and keep the rest.

And what happens if I abort assisting someone’s spell?

If the spell has already started, nothing can be done about it. The caster will not be able to invite you again. And if he drops below the required difficulty for the spell, the spell will go *poof*, and be lost, together with all the mana put into it.

What do I do with monoliths?

You can slap them around your villages and cast Utopheys on them. You can use them to fortify your throne. You can create garrisons to and use an avatar to shuttle troops to and fro, while the other one fights abroad. You can cast them for vision and blow them up to damage enemy armies. There are many uses.

How do I deny a spell being cast on me?

Cast Intrusion of Mind 2 on the enemy throne. Hopefully you’ll have the vision of that throne. Then check in what slot the spell is being cast. Cast Deny using the vehemence level equal to the number of that slot.

How do I deny a deny?

By using the same method. Sometimes people just blanket the entire enemy’s spell list with denies 1-8 and deny everything hoping to save ticks by not doing IoMs.

What spells should I invest in, and what not?

It depends on your starting tendencies. If you are good with Erol, then you’ll be designated the empire builder – focus on Prosperities, Villages and Towns. A good Wud score will let you be the seer and poke and prod the enemy thrones for artifacts in casting and the like. Talk to your Emperor and see what they suggest.

What can I do to a person that just IoMed me?

Are you expecting a deny? Bite the bullet, abort the said spell and start casting something else, designed to draw out as much mana in the opponent’s deny as possible for your minimal cost. Or deny their denies.

Advanced Dominancing

I have been subdued, my sets have been taken, I have nothing. I want revenge!

Great Escape is the spell you are looking for – escape to greener pastures and start afresh. Or, alternatively, stop being melodramatic and join the said empire under their own terms. Become a valuable member of it and you will get promoted before long.

I need mana urgently!

Who doesn’t… Check out the standing bug bounty program.

I need vision over a great piece of map.

Spend 2 nights voging and voging and voging… Rest assured that it’ll be a while ’till every elder in the enemy part of the map clears your influence. Do this together with your empire members, since you share their vision. Also remember that high perception on an avatar can do wonders.

I need urgent info on the enemy plans.

They intend to take over the world.

An enemy elder wants to make peace with me.

Trust no one. If you indeed make piece, IoM their throne now and then, just to be sure.

The enemy is cheating! He has used bugs against me!

What bugs? Where? Have they been reported? No? Email me immediately! Yes? Standing bug bounty gives them (as well as you) the right to exploit bugs until they get fixed.

I keep getting Chimeras constantly!

Don’t clean them. No use. Rather cast your own on the enemy. They’ll soon realize the pain is not worth it.

I’m bored, nothing ever happens in this game.

I doubt that. Go start a war.

I’m bored, it’s been 15 ticks and no enemy spells have landed.

They’re up to something. Keep voging and ioming. Or take 2 hours of sleep. But no more.

An Elder from the same empire is taking my settlements!

Go to the empire channel, while your emperor is on and do the following:





And continue doing that until the offender removes himself. 100% guaranteed to work.

Or simply start a civil war.

My emperor is never online! How do I know what to do?

Roam free. Then subdue him. He’ll never notice.

This is not a joke.

You mentioned that the Emperor should not join first and then send his Neyas the join key. Why is that?

Ok, look at your favorite emperor and his tree (original one) from when they joined the last beta. You will see that the emperor, being the one who joined first, will be at the inner border of his empire, and that all his first neayas, and so on will me BEHIND him, outwards.
This is standard behavior of the join key, yes, but consider the outcome. Most of the enemy emperors will join first, and that will place them all near each other, while their effective armies, controlled by their first neayas will be behind them instead in front of them. Also, because of the innate vision it is possible that many enemy players will have the sight of your favorite emperor, and will be able to iom, deny, and sod of course, without any restrictions.

Thus, emperors, be smart in the next beta, and join with the 3rd or 4th join key, so you could hide yourself beyond the war front.

Forums? Should I use them?

It’s irrelevant weather you write in them or not, but they are a really good thing to keep an eye on. News about the game sometimes does not reach Court Events, but only the forums, together with many rumors, and other interesting stuff.

People often write smart  ideas and stuff there, so do yourself a favor and here and there read the list of new topics. It’ll be worth it.

Oh, and since you do need the forum account to play the game in the first place…

What Empires are there that are worth joining?

Such things change from game to game (and many times during the game as well). The best thing is to watch the forums and see what are current Empires. Try contacting the Emperor you like so he’ll send you their join key. They are more than willing to do so.

Is the Interplanar Lu’rhan any real good?

No. Try casting one, see how long it’ll take you. One has been cast during Demo 1, but that was after a month of casting by inactive elders….

Ok, but then what arties are good?

It’s doesn’t the matter if they’re GOOD, but if they’re mana-efficient! In experience the most mana-efficient ones are the ones most often used. Ie.: 50/50 off/deff, is a cheap and good war arti. Wear 2-3 on you and you’ll be good in most of the combats. 100/100 off/def is a rare to be cast. 400k mana is really a lot. Expect that there will be 1-2 of these by the time the game ends. 50-70 perc, is very useful when under enemy fire. With perception 150 you really don’t have to worry much about losing too many men, and nor will the enemy feel like spending tons of mana on casting spells that will kill 1k each. 50-80 lore. You should always have one of these for times then the need arises, and you start needing a boost.

I want to donate you extreme amounts of mana for creating this FAQ. Can I?

Yes. Cast Ragnarok and do it.