Galleys and Triremes

Week 35 is over. We had some interesting water-related developments and more UI spit-and-polish.

Triremes and Galleys

Avatars and caravans can now wade into water. It takes a full tick to embark onto ships or to disassemble ships back into horses, but once in water, avatars get a significant movement boost. Caravans – not so much (not at all).

The big one is caravan, smaller ones are avatars. Yo-ho-ho.

This change brought some refreshing news – we no longer have to use A* pathfinding algorithm but in most cases can simply draw a line from A to B and say “that’s it, deal with it”. Avatars traversing that path will enter water and exit water as required.

Territory Bonuses

Remember the territories from last week? They now serve a purpose:

Own hexes grant bonuses to lore and defense, representing familiar ground and logistics support. Friendly hexes grant lore bonus, while unfriendly hexes provide a lore penalty. This is a straight addition over hex’ specific bonuses/penalties granted by its biome. In essence – your territory will always be a better place to fight in than across enemy borders.

Avatar Skill Increase

The avatar details form has been updated, now it’s cleaner and much more friendly to use:

You can now redistribute points all at once, change your mind half-way through and nothing will be lost. Also you can shuffle through occupation modes without disturbing the currently set occupation mode.

UI tweaks and changes

Some minor changes happened to various forms containing elder lists – nothing you’ll notice from a screenshot, except maybe abandon elder form:

It’s no longer a small barely-noticeable form, now it’s a large and friendly statement.

Elder details are no longer shoved into Dominion as there’s simply not enough room there for all the information. It’s now a separate from:

The chat box has been redesigned a bit and now can scale in a pretty fashion:


Last item today, but certainly not least, is the pre-tick and post-tick database dump. We now make copies of the database and can revert the game to any particular moment in time. This will be quite useful for handling (inevitable) crashes as now a particular tick can be re-ticked cleanly. Hopefully tick crashes won’t cause any more player anguish.

That’s it for this week. Stay tuned! Next week I hope we’ll be getting close to new gamma round.