Gamma 2 Launch imminent!

Welcome all, once again, to the world of Dominance! We’re ready for another glorious round of warfare, betrayals, backstabs and Feylan Vortex Chimeras.


Game server will open on Friday the 7th of July for Elder Creation. We’re giving you 2 full days to come up with your strategy of choice until the first tick.

First tick will tock on Sunday the 9th of July, at noon (CET).

What now?

In the meantime, read up on the Book of Ezul, check the changelog for rule changes and new improvements, and of course, if you haven’t already make your Forum account so you can log into the game using its credentials. Say “HI” while you’re at it.

What’s changed?

Tons! Without any order:

  • UI has been improved significantly, though it’s still retro-style you encountered in Gamma 1.
  • 200 fixes from our mantis have been processed so far – most of them your own submissions.
  • New spells in, old spells out.
  • Biomes and Territories are now the fabric new pseudo-3D map is made of.
  • Combat has been polished, tweaked and made more interesting.
  • Settlements have been revamped completely, they now feature settlement focuses which are a new game mechanic.
  • Water now plays a significant role in the game – avatars and caravans can now enter water and engage in ship combat.
  • Rebellions, Combat Recovery, Neaya Tutoring, Thuggery and much more.

The Changes since Gamma 1 forum post lists most of the major changes without bothering to go into dozens of minor improvements you hopefully won’t notice.