import dominance

Yesterday I had a chat with entity.(3) to the effect of:

– “I want to write in C because I desire a small core that’s preferably compilable in something like GCC, fast and simple to handle”.
– “You are an idiot. See you in 2018 while you’re still fixing comm driver bugs.”

He’s right, of course. One of the phrases he used was “worst possible tool for the job”.

I was still unconvinced but decided to take his advice and at least try some other, any other language and see if anything changes.

Two hours later I realized he was completely right, I was an idiot, and if I want to get this project anywhere near completion in the foreseeable future, I better get my head out of my ass and enter 21st century.
Thus, import dominance, we already have a working daemon (that obviously doesn’t do very much as of yet), and parts of communication layer on the stove. Thank you, entity(3). Python is great.