I’ve decided to take a short break from Dominance last week, due to a relatively difficult situation of juggling too many fireballs at once. Most of the live grenades relate to work and various shenanigans our “government” has been pulling lately, which require my full attention at this time.

It’s a long story and has nothing to do with Dominance, of course, but between work and obligations at home I’m not in a position to get 2 hours of uninterrupted dev time any more, and I simply can’t force myself to start anything that I cannot know when I’ll be finishing. As any programmer can tell you – being constantly interrupted is ruinous for concentration.

My hope is to get back to development as soon as possible – next week if things settle down and nothing else explodes. In the meantime, I’ll lay out the current status of the beta 3 developement:

  1. Chat – fully rewritten
  2. Unit redesign – from designer to battle, fully completed
  3. Graphics update – new map, webgl rendered and other beauties – 95% done (missing more tilesets)
  4. UI redesign – started, cca 30% done
  5. HoF (hall of fame) every tick – started, 5% done
  6. Bugfixes from beta 2 – have not started with the old reports yet, 0% done

With 3-4 hours of free time per day, I’d finish all of the remaining work in a month or two, so the remaining work is not really insurmountable.

To wrap this up, don’t panic. I’ll be back at the wheel as soon as the circumstances allow, and will do my best to resolve RL issues as expediently as possible. Thanks for sticking around.