JQuery attacks!

If there is something I never did, it was front end.

Oh sure, I have some knowledge of HTML (up to and including HTML4) and CSS (assuming CSS1)  but that is where I drew the line and never bothered to learn JS. The decision was perfectly fine, as it never came up so far. Having 15 years of frontend to catch up in not a small task, and certainly not something I would normally enjoy.

My fears have been somewhat abated once I was forced to dig into the client and create a presentation layer.

– “Google! Show me wonders!”
– “It’s 2016 and you still haven’t heard of JQuery?”
– “Uh, ok, .. JQuery! Show me wonders!”
– “Talk to my UI cousin.”
– “Um. JQuery-UI! Show me..”
– “Oh shut up already:”


– “Wow, that was surprisingly painless, JQuery-UI.”
– “Meh.”

I can only say I had dreaded this part of the project and was secretly hoping someone would step up claim this portion of work, but I might have overreacted. There is still the issue of graphical design which is not a skill I consider myself capable of learning – but we’ll see how far I can get without it.