Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh My!

Last few days have been more than interesting. Entity.(2) complained and whined about being unable to use eyes while registering on the forum, which is naturally absurd and such behavior should be discouraged. Who cares what the input form’s background color is, after all these years he should have memorized all SMF’s functions by heart, eyes be damned. However, realizing the website indeed looked like dreck, I’ve had decided to refocus work onto terms I’m usually unfamiliar with, such as “aesthetics” and “form over function“.

So, from sysadmin to C work, and then across PHP to CSS, I have this feeling that I’ve barely scratched all the different technologies that will be required. And I can’t say I’m proficient in most of them, far from it. If this were some sort of a “personal” … “blog” I’d now talk about how much the technologies changed over the last two decades since Dominance was incepted and how our personal paths led us to different career choices, overly specializing in some, abandoning others. And how it was possible for a single person to be well-versed in mostly anything relating to “the internet” back in the golden days of the 20th century, while now it’s a struggle to be competent in a single field, be it databases, frontend work, design…

– “Entity.self, would you kindly stop rambling?”

Ah yes, apologies, what I meant to say was that I did my “best” to make the website sufficient for now, and that it will be expanded as content arrives. It still lacks certain features such as “What the hell is Dominance?” and such, but those are not important at this stage.

Back to the comm driver I guess. You go ahead and register on the forums – we’ll use those credentials to play the game one day. (And by one day I mean “two weeks”).