Vacation: instant replay edition (+waypoints?)

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Week 28 is over. I went (again) to the seaside and decided to do nothing (of consequence). Unlike last time, it was (still is!) a smashing success. Chilling in warm weather, chasing obscure Stellaris achievements and doing generally nothing agrees with me this time. 🙂

So, this Monolith Monday will be extremely short with just one bulletin:


Picture says it all. You have unlimited waypoints, but the pathing will display only 9 ticks worth of movement. This is something to be resolved (pathing will extend past 9 with blank hexes). Also, this type of move order works for both avatars and caravans so you can plot your path as precisely as you wish.

I’ll be returning from vacation tomorrow so current week won’t suffer as much. Caravan overhauls are in order!

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Settlements galore

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Week 27 is over. It brings exclusively settlement updates, revamps and game changes.

Upgrading Settlements

Settlements are no longer tied to the spellcasting system. There were several reasons for this – I wanted to give everyone a chance to able to easily customize their own estate in accordance to their needs. Also, this method levels the playing field – given sufficient mana and time, everyone will be able to reach the top tier of settlements, and individual activity (casting of prosps, utopheys, general care) will distinguish the active players by allowing them to upgrade before other, less active ones. However, noone is penalized.

That said, let’s take a peek. A revamp of the last week’s screenshot:

The keen-eyed among you might have noticed the omnipresence requirement got dropped, ...

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UI QOL and settlement revamp

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Week 26 is over and we’re back on schedule. There were two major problems solved this week – rigid forms and settlement options.

UI changes

I believe a picture will save me a lot of writing, so here is a screenshot.

Let’s recap the changes.

  • Chatbox is now scalable to your particular needs.
  • Forms such as those displayed here can now be dragged about.
  • Dominion form has now separate fields for drafting a particular settlement and drafting all, including a confirm checkbox.
  • Settlement draft also has a Draft all option.

While these seem rather trivial, there was a lot of pain and suffering involved, especially concerning Firefox. In fact, we now feature this beautiful piece of CSS code, used to battle a particularly nasty FF bug that would create white space outside of the HTML body:

body, h...
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Resizing and tweaking

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Week 25 is over, before it even begun. This was probably the shortest week to date. Between losing a workstation and the decision to move my entire operation to Linux (2 workstations, 2 laptops) I’ve lost half the week struggling with misbehaving video drivers and whatnot. With this behind us now, work has continued at regular pace – solving mantis tickets one by one.

Interesting bugs

Several bugs were fixed that sound “interesting” on paper. One of them was the miscalculation during morale count in battle – every round you’d lose morale based on how many units you entered that round with, instead of the battle itself, so if in third round you lost half your remaining army that would be -50 morale, where in fact that half might have been only a quarter of original unitcount and this should...

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Vacation and FPS Edition

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Week 24 is over. I spent most of it on a seaside vacation attempting to relax and recharge my batteries. What I ended up doing was freezing to death due to a clogged chimney, catching flu and feeling more exhausted than ever.

Remind me never to go on vacation again. This unfortunate event means there’s not much to show on this particular Monolith Monday, but that doesn’t mean what I have in store is of little value.

Massive client rewrite

On friday I decided that enough was enough and the old map handler –

What is a map handler? It’s a piece of code that governs how the Dominance map is displayed, what happens when you hover over it, what happens on clicks, which tiles show ROMs or Paths or any other effect...

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Gamma 1 over, Hall of Fame and continuing development

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Week 23 is over. Last week saw the formal end of Gamma 1, start of Demo mode and continuing development and bugfixing. So, let’s start.

Gamma 1 over

The round has finished and let’s do a small recap. We discovered TONS of bugs, and have fixed all crash bugs discovered (obviously), virtually all of server-related bugs (from movement issues, combat issues, broken spells, troubles with various calculations, etc). A few remain but those require a more significant time investment.

Most remaining bugs are related to the client, and read more on this issue below.

Why end so early? Well, apparently mid-round changes are not popular, who knew? Yet, it is my firm belief that it’s better to fix troublesome issues during the round, than let them fester and ruin everyone’s fun in the long run.

Who won?...

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More fixes, more bugs, more fixes, more bugs and finally a Gathering!

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Week 22 is over. This week was wholly identical to week 20 in terms of work amount and work type. We’ve approached entry #150 on the mantis and fixed/closed count is at about 90. Most of the entries have switched from bugs to suggestions, ideas for gameplay changes and general feedback. The UI has not received much love in the past two weeks and its related issues keep piling up. This is ok, game mechanics come first.

Bug fixes

Listing of all that’s changed would be a bit redundant, seeing how you can track the changes daily on the changelog, but I think I should elaborate on the more interesting ones.

We had a cool bug with monoliths that would not test if they were being cast on water. Addendum to this bug  was that you could teleport your avatar via WCG to te same monolith, and technic...

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Ambulatory measures and Dominance Gathering

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Week 21 is over. I can honestly say Dominance is growing onto a solid and stable game, players are enjoying themselves with politics, clashes and ever-escalating hostilities, and the amount of good time we’re having is at an all-time high. This is excellent.

Dominance Gathering

In the grand tradition of Dominance Gatherings, we are going to eat kebabs and drink beer, this Saturday (4th of March) at 19:00 PM at Pečenjara Sport, Plac Utrine. I’m hoping to see many of you there and will bring plenty of writing utensils to write down your ideas, suggestions, complaints and threats against my car tires. Be there!


Our mantis as of time of writing is tracking 106 entries...

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And we’re back.

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Week 20 has ended. It is hard to easily express nuances of feelings across the internet in a foreign language for someone who’s not very skilled in words, so I’d begin today’s Monolith Monday by sharing a quote.

Being a sysadmin is like being an airline pilot…99% boredom, 1% sheer panic.”

If weeks 1-19 were the boredom, this last, final week was sheer terror and I had no Awareness to deflect it. Would the launch go well? Would people even show? Would the server keep crashing? Would it crash at all?

Self, if you did proper testing you’d have more confidence in the code.
Bullshit, I’ve seen enough product launches that had people fixing bugs on the fly and signalling the presenter the next slide is safe to show to know things never go according to plan.

As launches go, Dominance V3 was ...

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Open for character creation!

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Server is live and players are joining the game! Come, enter and create your elder!



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