Prologue: Coming of Krann

Have I not given enough? Years of learning and practicing. Abandoning my own self, sacrificing my dearest to the Guardians. Decades of pain and suffering… oooh! so much blood, so much darkness…so many innocent…and I don’t even care anymore.

This wasteland?

The Feylans Vortex tearing my mind to pieces, decay of the Gorrn Caves, Tars Muna, Nahaz’s Bon; thousands of years of temptation and battle, ever seeking, ever evolving; never rest and never in peace.

All those paths of promises leading here? Into this battlefield of gods?

How wrong I was! How could I have been the only one? How, when Dozaija was born within us, it comes from within. I should have known before what I see now; they all seek ultimate knowledge – coming from every aspect of existence, from every cursed place in the very Space-Time Fabric.

It started already, as if land itself were alive. It moved, cracked, spit fire and swallowed fell servants into oblivion forever. I see agreements and allies cared for no more than fallen soldiers.

Yes…The Fabric has one last surprise for us all, and punishment for our vanity is severe; now I know… The terror of hundred deaths in Tars Muna is nothing compared to what I face now. All these are my brothers and I must not underestimate their power for I would never underestimate mine. I know that what I face now is the final battle. I know that in my brothers I shall fight my own infinite will and untamed desires. I know weak shall fall before the strong. I know there is only one Dominance and only one Throne, and


“On the blood covered ground
my greatest foe I have found
rushing at its bleeding soul
to achieve my final goal
his face then I saw
Astonished I closed my eyes
letting out desperate cries
through night dark and black
I saw myself staring back!”