Ready for Dominance?

Step 1 – Setting up Elder name:

Your Elder name is your display name from Dominance forums – once your Elder is created the name is set in stone (or at least until you get Banished and have to recreate, but let’s hope it won’t get to that). If you feel the itch to change your Elder name, do so now, before you create your Elder.

Step 2 – Create your Elder:

Open up the client and create your Elder! Server will be live tomorrow – Wednesday the 15th, at a relatively early though not entirely specified time.


Step 3 – Play the game:

First tick will tock on Sunday, 19th of February, at noon (CET). Gamma 1, baring disasters and floods, will last for the full 6 weeks we’ve all used to and love to suffer through. I’m open for suggestions concerning game length, if the majority of players feels we should be adjusting the game length, that’s doable.

Step 4 – Find bugs and claim prizes:

Report your bugs at any of the following:

  1. Our Dominance Bug Tracker
  2. Server/Client issues forum thread
  3. Direct email to support

Or spam all of those. Makes no difference to us, as long as you are heard. As stated in the bug bounty, server bugs offer large mana rewards, and client bugs, well, those will be dime a dozen I wager. Hopefully not.

And most of all…

Have fun. If something is particularly not funny, who knows, maybe that’s a bug as well. 😉


I <3 you, Ezul.