Settlements galore

Week 27 is over. It brings exclusively settlement updates, revamps and game changes.

Upgrading Settlements

Settlements are no longer tied to the spellcasting system. There were several reasons for this – I wanted to give everyone a chance to able to easily customize their own estate in accordance to their needs. Also, this method levels the playing field – given sufficient mana and time, everyone will be able to reach the top tier of settlements, and individual activity (casting of prosps, utopheys, general care) will distinguish the active players by allowing them to upgrade before other, less active ones. However, noone is penalized.

That said, let’s take a peek. A revamp of the last week’s screenshot:

The keen-eyed among you might have noticed the omnipresence requirement got dropped, and replaced with population requirement. This will slow down everyone (almost) equally, as I wish to prevent players from accessing the top tier settlement focuses too early in the game. More on focuses a bit later.

The settlement upgrade table is simple to follow. We have 4 types of settlements in each tier. Tier 1 – Hamlet, Shrine, Baazar and Refugee Camp is the most varied. Of those 4 players only start with hamlets, and the other 3 are reserved for vagrant settlements. Vagrants cannot be upgraded due to their transient nature.

Furthermore, a player can upgrade a sett to any sett in the next tier, or change the settlement to any other sett within the same tier. This allows one to swap from trade (village) to military (camp) if the need arises, and vice versa. One cannot downgrade a settlement.

Settlement Focuses

Focuses are the real reason why one would wish to mess around with their settlements – every settlement type (trade/religious/military/magical) carries a specific set of focuses. These focuses, be they local or global also vary from “cute” to “relatively powerful”, but on their own, none are game changers. A single Abode’s boost to spellcasting costs of 1% can hardly be noticed, but taken with 3 others, a 4% boost can be felt, especially when casting expensive artifacts.

One you upgrade to a Village or Camp, or Monastery, etc, you will be able to set a focus. This costs mana, but is theoretically permanent. if you upgrade your settlement to next tier, the focus will be preserved and you will gain a larger bonus automatically. However, if you upgrade from a Village to a Tower (lvl 2 trade -> lvl 3 magical), the Village’s focus will be lost and you will need to set a focus again. Same applies if you only change your settlement (village -> abode) – the focus will need to be set once again.

Setting of focuses is not expensive but the costs ramp up with the size of the settlement.

Let’s see what the focuses do.

Village/Town/Metropolis focuses:

  • Attract Settlers: [Local] +1/2/3 pop/tick
  • Generate Trade: [Global] +1/2/3% mana/tick
  • Trade Network (Metropolis only): [Global] +1 caravan limit

Camp/Fort/Fortress focuses:

  • Recruit Soldiers: [Local] +1/2/3 draft pool/tick
  • Subsidize Wages: [Global] -5/10/15% draft cost
  • Secure Pensions (Fortress only): [Local] -1 draft cost

Monastery/Temple/Cathedral focuses:

  • Provide Preachers: [Global] +5/10/15% influencing bonus
  • Channel Omnipresence: [Global] +2/4/6% omnipresence
  • Glorify Elder (Cathedral only): [Global] +1 Tendency point

Adobe/Tower/Ivory Tower focuses:

  • Assist Spellcasting: [Global] -1/2/3% spell cost
  • Contribute Research: [Global] -2/4/6% research cost
  • Loan Archmages (Ivory Tower only): [Global] +200 spell skill

These focuses will open up player specializations and will provide necessary support for your specific needs at the moment. I’m sure you will have many questions, feel free to post on the forums.

That’s all for this week!