Week 34 is over. Last week started with finalization of minor fixes and issues and then went somewhere else entirely.

Territories and map controls

A territory is a piece of land belonging to a certain empire. All elders within that empire contribute to territory ownership, regardless of inter-empire relations. Yes, it’s quite possible to have separatist territories which claim land for their own gain, but even those territories boost the overall empire projection. Here is an example of what it may look like:

The emperor of this particular empire decided their color was a green shade. When the territories overlay is enabled, one can see which hexes belong to the said empire, which are occupied by someone else (blueish and gray colors to the right) and which are unclaimed (no color overlay).

The strafed piece in the middle is the enemy within – that particular elder is on Vendetta relations with the elder looking at the map.

You’ll notice the revised map controls to the right:

The three new buttons (and indicators) in the second row are switches to toggle ranges (green avatar circles when avatars are on hold), ROM/ROI/ROP displays (for monoliths and avatars) and finally the territories. You can toggle them as you wish and selections are permanent across sessions.

So, what do the territories actually do?

Well, aside for being, well, colored, at the moment they do very little. I’m still deciding what bonuses to assign them. Own territory should carry bonuses to defense, or logistics (terrain lore) while enemy territory might carry penalties to offense or similar. It’s still being worked on.

Misc fixes across the board

There were a handful of other issues fixed and the open tasks list is now almost dry (6/200). Let’s see the more interesting ones:

Once your whisper target goes off, you’ll now see a bright yellow warning.  Further chats will go to public – I am deliberately not preventing accidental mistells because they give a certain flavor of danger to the public chat and are a great source of accidental hilarity.

  • Remember how incoming invitations or changes to the spellcasting screen would auto-kill your spell prep window while you were adding mana to a spell you really wanted to cast? Well, that won’t happen any more.
  • One of the first bugs ever reported – the Cancel button in the Create Elder form – will now finally redirected you to the front page instead of doing a half-arsed and incomplete form reset.
  • New spell – visiting Circus:

  • HoF trackers – we now record all mana put into a spell, assisting or casting, and can use that info to generate “most assists”, “most mana put into spells” categories for the new HoF.
  • HoF avatar influenced population now only tracks enemy information. Leaving two friendly avatars on a sett for 2000 ticks to grind xp and influences won’t be a thing any more.
  • Thread locking now works. Wow. Apparently Dominance never ever locked threads when doing dangerous stuff and unfortunately we haven’t had crashes due to this so far so this was undiscovered. If anything, certain operations like dumping all generated topologies due to condition changes (new elder joined game, new tick, etc) will now be safer.

Overall this was a nice and productive week and we’re getting closer to release. What’s left? Well, we’re still missing half the graphics for the new settlements, and those are slowly coming in. We’re also missing BOATS which will enable avatars to cross water. Aside for that? Not much, general spit and polish I suppose – new biome images instead of current placeholders, and similar.

We’re getting there.