V3 complete, looking for beta testers!

Welcome Elders! It is good to see you again. I’m excited and thrilled to be able to run Dominance again. I hope you will give Dom a try and stay a while. So, let’s get you started:

STEP 1: Register on the forums.

You will use that username/password to log into the game.

STEP 2: This is a beta gamma. Read the standing bug bounty.

Earn mana as you find bugs and crash the server. The more you find, the bigger the rewards!


Remember the good ol’ days when … Don’t. Those days are back, and they start on


Server will open for all players. First tick will occur on Sunday, 19th at noon, CET.


And now onto recent events. Dominance V3 development – at least its first phase -  is complete. A recap of the past five months is as follows:

Game Status

Since Beta 6 (V2b6) in early 2009 there has been no development of Dominance up until last September. Forges were fueled, Artifacts were cast, and Wooden Lu`rhans of ^F33Tireless Industry were put to flame as the new V3 server and client were crafted afresh. Today the last pin in the grand sculpture that is Dominance framework has been jack-hammered in and the game (although admittedly in parts still not entirely polished) is ready for a new beta.

Beta 7? No, we’re done with betas. This is gamma. Gamma 1.

What has changed?

Just about everything?

New server:

  • Faster, multithreaded, written from ground up in Python.
  • Easily extendable etc.. but who cares, it works and we can run it.
  • I promise ticks under 10 seconds or call me a liar.

– Liar! Liar! Pants on fire!
– Shut up, self!

New client:

  • HTML5 client running websockets to your browser of choice.
  • Works on all modern browsers of 2016+ on both desktop and mobile devices. Sweet!
  • Looks pretty. Really! Look:

Gameplay changes:

  • Hex-based map affecting vision and movement.
  • Spells reworked to make sense on a hex-based map.
  • New units, new abilities! (Don’t panic, only 12.5% units were changed. If you count changes to ranged and all other units, maybe a bit more .. like 50ish%?)
  • Combat that allows for merging of armies and unlimited simultaneous combats (yes, you and your buddy take all your avatars and bash those 3 defending armies in one glorious bloodbath).
  • Avatars, garrisons and even Elder (you! Yes, you!) now participate in those same combats.
  • No more pesky artificial limits on pure enjoyment (Who needs empire taxes, army speed penalties, or any other penalty for that matter? Nonsense!)
  • Brought back good old subdue! (Kept Beta 6 mana subdue though)
  • Banish people!
  • Ban people from empire channel and create separatist factions.
  • And much more!

How much more? More.

  • Blast other people’s monoliths and kill thousands in resulting explosions.
  • Warp chaos gates between any own monolith or throne.
  • Get your Avatar VAPED by venturing into Verbottenland! Exciting!
  • Cast AoE spells!
  • See people’s global army sizes without bloody DP. (Remember DP? Distant Presence? Yes, that one.)
  • And more!

More? More more? More:

  • Mana caravans! Protect them, raid them!
  • Draft everyone from everywhere with a single click (thank Erol)
  • New artifact gem – berserking! It comes along with berserker soldiers, yes.
  • New research system that penalizes planes you are bad at, and rewards (greatly) spells from planes you are really good in.
  • Research the same spell in multiple slots, speed things up. Or don’t, because you’d be neglecting those Wudin Ums while you research Haadun Qors.
  • Have a clue about other people’s sett populations. A powerful wizard can see if a sett is bloody deserted.
  • Transfer units from avatar to avatar in the field! Which is almost irrelevant since you can ride both avatars into battle together and merge their armies and stats. And artifacts. Getting them separated again later is the tricky part.
  • Transfer artifacts form one avatar to other when they are in the same spot without paying exorbitant costs.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Wednesday!