In 2002 the v1 ended at Beta 5. No further development was expected.

In 2007 a small group took over and attempted to keep the game alive. Over betas 5 3/4, 5 7/8 and 6 they looked for funding and means to further develop V2. They reluctantly gave up in 2009.

It is almost 2017 now. It is time for V3.

Over the following months and possibly years you will be able to follow the development of Dominance: The Throne of Elders from (basically) scratch. Daily logs will be published on changelist, this page will be whipped into something presentable, and the server written from scratch. Our goal is to create a client that will be browser-based, as well as support user-made clients through a public API so that both stand-alone and browser-backed apps can equally be used.

The game itself will receive some changes, mainly in the way the map works, as well as methods to discourage what plagued the gameplay from the start, ie. multiplaying. At this stage it is too early to give any expectations as to both the changelist or to the timeframe.

If you are here, you have waited for maybe 15 years to play again. You won’t wait another 15.