Vacation: instant replay edition (+waypoints?)

Week 28 is over. I went (again) to the seaside and decided to do nothing (of consequence). Unlike last time, it was (still is!) a smashing success. Chilling in warm weather, chasing obscure Stellaris achievements and doing generally nothing agrees with me this time. 🙂

So, this Monolith Monday will be extremely short with just one bulletin:


Picture says it all. You have unlimited waypoints, but the pathing will display only 9 ticks worth of movement. This is something to be resolved (pathing will extend past 9 with blank hexes). Also, this type of move order works for both avatars and caravans so you can plot your path as precisely as you wish.

I’ll be returning from vacation tomorrow so current week won’t suffer as much. Caravan overhauls are in order!