Wrapping up with Chatterer

Week 51 is over. Chatbox revamp is nearing completion with just UI redesign pending, which will enter queue together with the overall client GUI overhaul later.

Channel management

Continuing on the last week’s efforts, channel management is now a thing, and players can create their own channels, invite people inside, kick them out, join other people’s channels (when invited) and get flagged with notifications when there are unread messages.

Sounds like a mouthful, so a couple of screengrabs will demonstrate it all:

Elder test1 is creating a channel “mychnnel”. Having created it, instant pop-up hits Elder test2, who can respond amicably (most of the time this will be the case), or overreact (if being spammed) and /ignore the sender. Generally, people on /ignore lists can not contact you in any way.

Once test2 accepts the invitation they will both be in the same channel, along with anyone else who accepted.

On the screenshot above we have the channel interface where test1 is able to kick people out of his channel (he can reinvite them later), as well as withdraw invitations and disband the channel. Disbanding dumps everyone and deletes all of the chat history. Channel is permanently gone.

On the left, test2 has logged in after a while and has a number of unread messages. One is in his joined channel, other was a direct communiqué from test1, and he’s already caught up on the #PUBLIC channel so no notifications there.

Business as Usual

Nothing shown above should be new to anyone who has ever used a messenger of any kind. Once again, this is precisely the point. These are all common sense functionalities that should theoretically allow much smoother communication within Dominance without any untoward whispers going live, or issues like having to leave one private channel to participate in conversation in another.

I’m aware this is the most boring part of Dominance development you’ve witnessed so far, and I’m glad it’s finally over. One small kink remains to be wrapped up – when messages arrive on channels other than the one you are watching the notifications will pop up there as well, and disappear once you swap channels to view them. Aside for that (and the possibility of changing a private channel’s name), the rest is just fine.

That’s all for this relatively short week. Hopefully next week will show the start of the unit revamp I’ve been looking forward to for some time now.